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Career & College Counseling

Hiring a Career and College Counselor to

find the best fit is like hiring a realtor

when buying a house.

Today’s college admission process is complicated and competitive. While high school guidance counselors and college advisors

may have caseloads of 500 or more students.

and other counseling duties, your child may

not get the personal attention

that they deserve.

Adults re-considering their career path or seeking a career change, will benefit from taking the HAB Assessment to discover their natural abilities and Career Matches.

An independent Career and College Counselor can be a crucial component when discovering your ideal Career and Academic Pathway.

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Meet Michelle & Eva

We are a mother/daughter-in-law team of independent Career and College Counselors committed to helping you discover your ideal career and academic pathway.

Michelle and Eva
Student Life

Limited Time Offer: $10 ACT Practice Session!
We are partnering with Revolution Prep to offer an online ACT Practice Test on July 10th at 9:00am.

Where to Find Us

(612) 791-0197

Offices in Minnesota & Washington

In-person & virtual meetings

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