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The Highlands Ability Battery Assessment - What are your Natural Abilities?

Highlands Ability Battery Wheel

Whether you are considering a career change or starting the college admissions process, knowing your abilities is a crucial element. We use the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) Assessment to help clients discover their natural abilities and strengths. This can reveal important clues as to the kinds of learning environments, academic subjects, and potential careers that are well-suited to build on those aptitudes.

"The HAB is a standardized assessment in aptitude testing developed under a rigorous process to ensure accurate results. The Whole Person Model empowers clients to realize the relevance of their natural abilities and life experiences to their career development and provides a rock-solid foundation for lifelong consideration of career options." 

Who would benefit from taking the HAB assessment?

  • High school students exploring careers and academic pathways.

  • College graduates considering career options.

  • Adults and young professionals seeking a career change or enhancement.

  • Anyone wanting to use their natural skillsets to choose the perfect career.

The HAB is a scientific approach to assessing aptitudes that measures 19 different basic human abilities. Link to a complete list of the abilities measured by the HAB assessment.

Not all Career and College Consultants are able to administer this assessment, but Journey Forward Counseling is proud to have a Highlands Certified Consultant for over 15 years.

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