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Discover What YOU Do Best!

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A Personal Vision Considers the Whole Person

Success is achieved when you know what you do best, and you’ve found the right fit between yourself and your job. Discovering what you do best was the first step in the Highlands Whole Person Method. Your journey began with the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), the most accurate assessment of natural abilities. But discovering your natural abilities is just the starting point.


In order to develop a Personal Vision and a Career Vision, that knowledge needs a context.

The next step on your journey is to explore the other seven essential factors that make up the whole person. Factors such as skills, interests, personal style, family, values, goals and career development all contribute to making you the individual person you are today.

The Highlands Whole Person Model identifies eight career decision factors that interact and should be considered when making major changes in your life and career. 


Learning about our Whole Person Model ensures that you take your “whole self” into account when making decisions right here, right now. It also provides you with a tool you can use to make decisions at any turning point throughout your life.

Highlands Ability Battery Test, a Four-Step Program
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